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Achieving Financial Independence in Southern California

Our advisors and professionals at The Leonard Financial Group, LLC help our clients achieve financial independence in Southern California. We provide every client with the critical first step of an individualized financial independence plan. Our staff will help you clarify your personal and financial goals so you can support your financial future with organization, direction, and structure. We base your personalized financial plan on the goals and financial information you provide. Our financial experts prepare a thorough report for review and discussion, including assessment, analysis, and strategy.

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Financial Profile & Assessment

We’ll provide you with a solid financial plan and investment strategies based on your goals and needs. Our advisors conduct investment check-ups to see where you are on your goals and evaluate financial performance. This helps you better understand your current financial position so you can take the necessary next steps toward reaching your goals. Your profile assessment includes the following:

  • Current spending needs
  • Debt management
  • Income projections
  • Liquidity needs
  • Other planning matters
  • Personal asset matters
  • Portfolio evaluation

Financial Independence Analysis

Once we establish your current financial position and goals, we’ll develop a personal finance plan that meets your needs and fits your values. We will assist you and your advisors with taking action on your financial independence plan. Your plan establishes an essential framework and should be reviewed at least annually. Continually reviewing your plan will help you better prepare for the future. We help you address future needs and outcomes using the following strategies:

  • Capital needs analysis
  • Future spending needs
  • Investment return projections
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Savings programs
  • Tax, inflation assumptions
  • Timelines

Investment Strategy Policy

Your investment strategy policy outlines expectations and your financial goals and objectives. We work with you to discuss successful investment strategies that prioritize safety, income, and capital growth. These needed guidelines will help us achieve the client’s goal from both ends. The strategy policy is a statement that outlines our scope, purpose, governance, investment, risk management, and return and risk objectives. This includes:

  • Asset class selection
  • Capital market expectations
  • Diversification strategies
  • Implementation strategies
  • Investment objectives
  • Investment preference evaluation
  • Performance monitoring criteria

Professional Financial Planning for a Successful Future

Our team can meet with you to answer your questions, discuss your evaluation, and give recommendations. We can also help you discover and prioritize planning opportunities, including estate planning, insurance, income taxes, family care matters, and other financial planning areas that need more depth and attention. Our advisors focus on maintaining a continuous money management relationship to help you plan for and adapt to the future. We’ll assist you in dealing with new financial opportunities, changes in personal circumstances, economic conditions, and future tax law revisions.

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